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Project Information

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Mar Vista Surge Tank Los Angeles CA

Mar Vista now has a BMP system that will reduce pollutant loading in rainwater runoff diverted from an existing 78” storm drain in the adjacent Sawtelle Blvd. Currently treated water is diverted back to the storm drain. The water is being monitored for up to one year. After testing, if the water is safe, they hope to use it to irrigate Mar Vista Park.

Project Challenge

  • The system includes the following “treatment train”:

    • Diversion Structure

    • Trash Maintenance Hole

    • Influent Pump Station

    • CDS Hydrodynamic Separator

    • Underground EcoRain® America Detention Tank 7’ deep x 47’ wide x 108’ long

    • Chlorination/Dechlorination System

    • System designed by PSOMAS & the City of LA, installed by Los Angeles Engineering


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