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Sara Coughlin Elementary School, LAUSD, Pacoima, CA

This underground Rainwater detention system was installed in May 2008 and was the first of many subsequent Eco Rainwater Solutions, designed and installed in the Los Angeles Unified School District. The School District used this installation as a trial for assessment and found through bidding that the Eco Rainwater Solutions Tanks were the most cost-effective to install. Eco Rainwater Solutions Tanks have a 95% void space, and each unit take only minutes to assemble

Project Challenge

  • The Eco Rainwater Solutions Tank underground Rainwater detention system used at this school has a 23,000 cubic feet capacity.

  • The goal of the system is to collect rainwater runoff, keeping it out of the Los Angeles River system, and exfiltrate the water into the aquifers. Residents of the Los Angeles area use water from the aquifers for daily needs.

  • Eco Rainwater Solutions Tanks use up to 80% less aggregate fill than other pipe and pipe arch systems.

  • This system was designed by JMC. Engineers.

  • The Contractor was J & C Underground.

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