Road Inlet Hermosa Beach, California – EcoRain America SuDS

In the past, precipitation during storms in Hermosa Beach posed a significant challenge as the water would accumulate in low-lying areas, resulting in difficult driving conditions. The situation persisted until the water either evaporated or found its way to the storm drain system. It implemented a cost-effective and straightforward measure. Installing a series of EcoRain Tanks beneath an inlet facilitated the water seepage into the substrate, thus effectively mitigating the risks of pooling water and ensuring road safety.

  • The City’s maintenance department dug a pit in a low spot on Valley Avenue at 2nd Street.
  • They placed ER-401 EcoRain 2” Drainage Cells™ as a strength mat on the bottom and top of three ER-502EcoRain Double Tanks™ wrapped in geotextile fabric.
  • They backfilled with sand and placed a pre-fabricated concrete inlet structure on top of the 2” Drainage Cell™layer. Other backfill places around the inlet, then pavement on top.
  • ER-301 Drainage Cells™ line inside the inlet to transport water from the sides and bottom when water fills it.